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Need to find a way to express my feelings without cutting or burning,,,, don't know how though :(

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    I haven't cut or burned in a few weeks now, an tonight I feel so rejected an alone that I long to feel the pain escape, feel the pain and anger run down my arms through my blood at least make it escape for a little while, I long to feel my blood run down my arms, to see my blood on my arms, to feel the physical pain instead of the emotional pain, I long to feel the knife cut through my skin, this longing is almost like a craving that I need to fulfil, the emotional pain is so overwhelming that I need to make it go away, cutting it away is the only way I know how to make it go away even if its just for a little while, I hate this so much, I don't wanna cut but at the same I really do, I need … [more]