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I Have Social Anxiety

Work Is Hell I don't know how I've survived working in retail for almost 20 years, but somehow I have managed to struggle through it. I did have 2 stocking jobs, one which was overnight, and I loved both of them... [more]
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  • I Had A Blood Clot On My Brain

    Isn't 37 Too Young To Have A Blood Clot On Your Brain? I had been having severe headaches for two months when, one Saturday, I woke up and found that I was having trouble figuring out how to dress myself, how to turn on the faucet to w… [more]
  • I Love the Who

    I Love The Who! I have always loved the music of The Who, and I think the man behind The Who's music, Pete Townshend, is a godsend!   He is a beautiful man who cares about his fans and writes heartfel… [more]
  • I Live At Home With My Parents

    I Live With My Parents Because... I could not pay my credit card bills or rent, I had a blood clot on my brain and was hospitalized, and May of that year, the people I rented from decided they wanted to fix the house up and sell it.… [more]