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I Want to Know Your Favorite Music Album

My Favorite Album Of All Time! City Of Evil By Avenged Sevenfold (detailed Review) I just wanna say that I bought this album a while back, haven't stopped listening to it since. The album consists of shredding awesome vocals (done by M.Shadows), with amazing guitar work (done... [more]
  • I Love Song Lyrics

    Your Guardian Angel By Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Whenever I listen to this song and its lyrics I always feel so much better, cause it reminds me of a person who is very close to me who said he would always look after me. I highly recommend lis… [more]
  • I Love Avenged Sevenfold

    Easily My Most Favorite Band I love all of their songs, everything from their starting album Sounding the Seventh Trumpet to their latest album Nightmare. I nearly cried when the Rev died :(.  But my favor… [more]
  • I Dated Someone Who Turned Out to Be Crazy

    Completely Pyschotic and I Didn't Even Realize It A while ago when I was 13 (two years ago) I dated a boy who at the time was 17 years old. Our age difference was really awkward but we wanted to make it work. We didn't do anything sexual be… [more]
  • I Love Movies

    Pirahna 3d I saw this movie, and I gotta say, I went in expecting it to be really bad but... I really liked it! It was cheesy and gory but... It was pretty suspenseful, I jumped a couple times. The a… [more]