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I Have a Confession

i feel i have to hide so much from my mom...she thinks i am someone else completely, and i am afriad to let her see who i really am so i don't tell her as much as i used to i hide stuff from her, all... [more]
  • I Am Venting My Feelings

    Scared And Alone I am so scared to be alone, but yet I am so scared to be with people. most of my life I spent in solitude because people constantly judge me for my size and how I look. so my self induced solitude was… [more]
  • I Am Venting My Feelings

    The Girl On The Wall She blends in. She does it so well that everyone, even authority, forgets she is there. but she doesn't really want to be there, she wants to interact, and to be one of the crowd. Though everytime she… [more]
  • I First Time

    First Happens Fast... only my closest friends know this about me...with my first boyfriend just a couple months ago, we went kinda far....the first time we met. it felt amazing...but i still think about it and sometimes i … [more]
  • I Stand Against Bullying

    Acceptance, And Lack There Of All I want is for people to accept me and like me for who I am...but in my school...that just doesn't seem possible. they snicker behind my back, they look at me so condisending. nothing has truly cha… [more]