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Rawr. Imma big bucket o crazy thats full of love. You have to be close to me to get some of it though ;) im adhd and never stop eating sugary things ( i brush before bed though so no cavities for me) i like rarely sleep due to constant nightmares and insomnia (i refuse to take meds for it though) i also love to read, write, draw and i clog too. Hehe it really fun. Im bisexual. Im a lonely child :( **sigh** im also doomed to be forever alone. I also tend to make tons of spelling mistakes since i have a touch screen and i bounce around too much. I have a penguin pillow pet naned mr franklin he is de best thing evah.

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Favorite Quote precious my precious. (gollem lord of the rings)
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Books percy jackson, lord of the rings, hunger games, harry potter,
Music bands: the wanted, one republic, lmfao, florence + the machine
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I Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, and Short Stories

The Narrekebirt Dragons (chapter One) We, the narrekebirt, are an ancient race of dragons. Our ancestors fought in the grand battle of ennabrokerral. The mighty warrior gwendolyn nylodnewg led the iilaserret and the larrekorbanne in... [more]
  • I Like to Go Shirtless

    I Hate Wearing Shirts I hate wearing shirtsso much. Its like having an uncomfortable second skin. Imso jealous of guys cuz they can go shirtless whenever they want. Its unfair!… [more]
  • I Look Way Younger Then I Am

    Im Mistaken For A seven Year Old. Im really short and when i wear mi hair in two ponytails and im in a dress i look like im a little kid. I was in walmart dressed like this once and one of the store people thought i was seven cuz i wa… [more]
  • I Don't Want to Eat

    I Hate Eating I just want to throw all my food away. It disgusts me. Meat. Its animals. Living breathing creatures. Killed. So we can eat them. I hate food. Its been three days since i last ate. All i do is drink.… [more]
  • I Am a Fanfiction Addict

    My Story I found while searching the web for random percy jackson things. The first story i ever read on there was here comes the **** star by narusuke. It was amasing and i recommend that you read it. … [more]