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dark hair, sharp eyes hidden by glasses, silent type and good mannered in nature. Honest, Intelligent, loyal & reliable. My father's successor. I'm practical & realistic, sincere, mild-mannered & righteous. I believe that things properly done will eventually lead to success...

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I Have An Epic Failure

these moments were embarrassing yet they're funny at the same time. :) [more]
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  • I Love the Ocean

    Ocean's Sunset I strolled straight forward  with white sand warming my feet. I am completely alone, with this place I discovered while driving back home. how did it started: I felt curious as I see the co… [more]
  • I Remember Being 17

    At 17 I Am Meant To Be Broken  YES! perfectly... 17,                I never learned that a close friend of mine has fallin' in love with me... maybe I was totally naive back … [more]
  • I Love Nature

    Let Us Protect Biodiversity              As a Forest Ranger in a Tropical country I've seen lot's of different  species of flora and fauna being treathened to exti… [more]
  • I Believe In Love

    "love Verses" Part V PART FIVE The full moon was in its brightest, the road on the castle was well lit up by flaming torches and the soft whisper of the wind caressed the forest trees. The deep voices of the no… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    A feeling that is hard to let go...
           When I was in my senior college, I got attracted to a girl younger than me. She was cute and reserved. I learned that many guys courted her but she never said YES to them. Sometime in March of 2010, I saw her looking at a wonderful key chain, so I thought she must have liked it. I bought it and gave it to her. She smiled at me and thank me for it. Then she asked how could she repay for it. I told her to tell me her name, which she did. Days have passed and semester ended. I never got the chance to talk to her again, but I glance at her many a lot when I got the chance.After graduating in college, I got hired and worked as an extension officer. One day while waiting for my appointment … [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Kite flyer
           If there's someone in the world that I admire and envy at the same time it would be my eldest brother. He is the most unique person in my life and totally my complete opposite. As brothers we are often compared by everybody. For me, my brother is the only person I cannot surpass although others see the opposite. Many people did not like my him, they said that he is a nuance and a bother. In our family he was like an unwanted child. When we were still young he was bullied. But I wonder why there's no print of sadness, hatred and remorse in his eyes, instead his life was full of happiness and contentment. My brother is also a Forester like me and he loves travelling and always in advent… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    Meaningful Valentines
    During Valentines season I was always with a date with my friends. last February 12-16, I attended a fair in my sister's university. i was able to meet her friends which I noticed that one of them had a crush on me. She started adding me to facebook and we became friends. On Feb, 13 I had a date with 4 sorority girls, we took pictures and stroll the fields, I was wearing a booths so that's makes me cool! according to my companion. On Feb. 14 I had an appointment but i did not go. I choose to date a hot chick. We had lunch together. I also got a photo of my crush. ") On Feb. 15, I had a date with my friends and was able to see my crush. On Feb, 16 I spend my Valentines with my siblings. In th… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Waiting for a moment to embrace you...
             I don't exactly remember what went wrong with me & my mom. But I know she had hurt me. When I was young mom was not their to take care of me, my grandfather always told me that she was busy. I always cry when my mother needed to go to work, she's an accountant and a business woman. I was often left alone. After I graduated from college, mom change a lot. She's no longer my loving mother but a *****!. When I started working I decided to live with her, our home which suppose to be a comport zone became a hell to me. Mom told me that I was a rejected child and She wished I was never been born. It's the worst thing I've ever heard from my mother. As I continued with my life, I faced som… [more]
  • Weak Point....

    Posted on: November 19th, 2012 at 12:41AM

        In this world, life may be brutal. Humans have their own status symbols. They are rank according to wealth, Power and intelligence. Every being have their  own strength and weaknesses. And if you belong in this world you shall not let anybody know your weak point.    In your life cycle, there's a competition wherein you are the player. You only have one top priority; strive to gain power and prepare for the real battle. Life means survival.... and your future can be either dark or bright depending on how you make it...… [more]