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    Emotionallly stressed :////
    so i finally found a girl i really like since the break up but idk how to tell her,we don't really know each other very well other than face book but we've never really talked (mostly just commenting on pics n stuff like that) iv been thinking about just messaging her n talking for a bit or something like that ,she seems to somewhat like me but like i said we don't really know each other very well,i tried asking if she waned to hang out but we never did (probably didn't help that weekend was Easter but i forgot),but i'm ganna gave to do something soon cause i think its messing up my stomach ,all iv had today was like half a glass of milk and a few strawberry's  ://so if you have any ideas or… [more]
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    first time getting high
    sooo it was my friends b day party (also my first actual party) and im there like 10 minuets and start hammering alcohol (vodca,whisky,some kind of blue stuff that tasted like berrys ,ect) ,after a bit more people show up (there were like idk 17 or so all together ),so eventually the weed gets there ,so i take a couple hits and i start asking the person next to me,"woa,like is this a dream" every couple minuets or so ,after a bit they start again (this time its a 1hitter) and i take the hit backwards so i take in a bunch of ash n **** n wash it down with some beer  (also there stuff was marinaded in spice so im extra messed up) and a few minuets later i gatta go use the bathroom but,theres a… [more]
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    soo i got out a bunch of feelings to my x last week and a i feel a lot better now :) ....buuut i don't want to be alone ,i do know some one that onets to be friends and see where stuff goes but she still has a so im not to sure about that, im trying a a dating ,i licked and found a couple girls id like to be friends with and see where that goes but no  mssgs back yet,hopefully something happens soon… [more]
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    i dont know that to do
    me and my gf have been together for a year now but last month she just stopped txting me(its a long distance thing :/// ) finally she told me she doesn't want a bf anymore and she was waiting till after v day to break up,we talked some and she says she just needs a break so i think were still together kinda but she still doesn't txt me much ,its just making me so depressed and i don't understand why its like this all of a sudden,.......the day she told me i tryed to kill myself(you'll understand later but it wasn't just that, its just when she told me it made me finally break) ,and later that night i txt one of my friends(well more like a txt buddy i guess?) and now she wants to try being fr… [more]