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lucid dreaming,so far im doing pretty decent

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I Have a Confession

so i finally found a girl i really like since the break up but idk how to tell her,we don't really know each other very well other than face book but we've never really talked (mostly just commenting... [more]
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  • I Read Creepypasta

    Ben Drowned you shouldn't have done that...… [more]
  • I Am A Brony

    Favorite Poneys just a list of my top 5 favorite poneys 1-Dj Pon-3 Vinyl scratch 2-Fluttershy 3-Big Mac 4-derpy hooves 5-octavia … [more]
  • I Relate Better With Women Than Men

    Im Emotional i can get emotional,girls are usually emotional so they understand me better for the most part… [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    last night i had a dream some one cut off my hair while i was sleeping,but only from the back,so i had a guy dig a hole and i put my hair in a small coffin and gave it a funeral,then i started getting… [more]