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I Lost My Job

Thank You God! I'Ve Finally Got A Job~~~ Yes, I've got a job, after 6months trying. it's a good message and also a bad one. The good thing is that I 've got a job before leaving school(only 7days left), sad thing is, they treat me as a... [more]
  • Love Confessions

    How to do, where to go?
    I feel like everything I've done is up for questioning. I have fallen in love with a little girl recently, a senior High school student. She's pretty cute, and is definitely my type. No shame to say that I love her, though I'm amlost 10 years older. It's obviously impossible, but I just cannot convince myself to let go this love, and I cannot forget her sweat smiling. Everytime she sees me, she is smailing, and I think her smile can almost melt me. I'm so feeling tired of being my'self, I'm totally puzzled. Is it possible that a 28years old guy has a shot with a 18years old , middle-school girl? … [more]