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Slightly crazy retired British expat.
Was born in 1954,back then the only hot tub you could get was the one you did the weeks washing in!
TV`s were monochrome,computers still used vacuum tubes and there were only 2 sorts of coke,the one you drank and the one you burnt in the fireplace
Survived the 60`s,Thanks to weetabix,porridge,and cerelac.
Spent most of the 70`s learning how not to get myself fired and discovering that cider made me very sleepy.
In the 80`s i did a lot of traveling,got married and moved to the Philippines Our son was born in 1989.
In the 90`s we had a rough time suffered an earthquake,lost our business, and because of problems with relatives were forced to abandon our home and made virtually homeless.Lost our 2nd child at 5 yrs old
It`s only this century that we have started to get back on our feet.
Places i have been
Most embarrassing moment
When my wife dropped her peas in front of the Queen,at a staff party.
Craziest thing i have done,was playing scrabble for 8 hrs at the top of a Mt in Czechoslovakia,while waiting for a train in a raging blizzard.

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