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Me and my sister wer running from a lil girl ((the lady from that movie"orphan") and then we were in china and I got a knife and stabbed the girl/woman. I realized that its hard to stab a person [more]
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  • I Fantasize About My Second Cousin

    I Fantasize About Him. My second cousin is really hot. He live next door to me I like him and I'm pretty sure he likes mr too. when I think about him I start fantasizing about if we weren't second cousins and we were togeth… [more]
  • I Like My Second Cousin

    My Second Cousin Is Funny And Hot!!!! I really really like my second cousin. Hes funny and hot. It like sometimes it feels as if he me the same way.but I dont like getting my hopes up for nothing. We used to txt eachother A LOT.we used to… [more]