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I Hate Myself

Hating Me... I hate myself. Its as simple as that. I can't stand looking in the mirror because of my own reflection. I hate talking cause I cant bare hearing my voice for how disgusting it sounds. I look at... [more]
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    Make her feel okay.
    I can't help it. I feel torn in half. Someone just stabbed me in the back and won't stop dragging and turning the knife. I feel sick to my stomach. All because she is with him. I don't know what else to do beside smile and tell her 'It's okay, I understand you don't need to explain." Make her feel nothing everything is fine and nothing wrong that I am truly happy. Then run away and cry. I've never felt so broken because of one person. What I don't get is... How can I still love her? After she chose him! After she decided she wanted him... And not me... I feel so... Broken... How do I make it stop?… [more]
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    Why can't you and me be a 'we' ?
    Simple put I love my best friend. She is the smartest, unique, extraordinarily beautiful girl I have ever met or known of. She told me she loved me and I nearly cried knowing she loved me more then a friend. However, from there it went bad... Really bad. We both have bad history one of it having the same ex who is also both our best friends. That still is in love with me. But after we both kinda 'confessed' it was fine until a lot of stuff happened. And now I still love her and I know i'll never forget her and she says she still loves me but we can't be together. I am terrified to talk to her for more then a few words cause I know I'll say something I'll regret. Our friend blame me for alway… [more]