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i am simply me and thats all u need to know. Oh and that im a sarcastic b**** xD

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I Am a Female Sex Addict

Its Who I Am At the age of 18 i started dating a sex addict. everyday we had sex until he was satisfied. he was into crazy kinky sex which i wasnt but i didnt care i did everything he wanted me to do because i... [more]
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  • I Had Sex With a Marine

    My First Time With A Marine i recently started seeing me friend who is Marine. i didnt think we would be more then friends but that changed fast. we started hanging out more and i realized he was f*cking perfect. the sex was ama… [more]
  • I Am Just a Booty Call

    Enough Is Enough i fell for a guy last year and he chickened out in being with me. so we stayed friends and we dated other people like nothing happened. but then he decided we should be friends with benefits.. i didnt… [more]
  • I Drink Red Bull

    An Addiction i am a redbull addict and proud of it!!! it is the only energy drink that works for me and will not make me crash. the only thing that makes me sad about redbull is when i finish a can and wish how i … [more]
  • I Like to Flirt

    Flirtatious Im a very flirtatious girl. i pretty much flirt with anyone even if i dont like them. flirting seems to get me in trouble though since when ever i flirt guys think that im interested when really im no… [more]
  • A sudden down

    Posted on: September 9th, 2011 at 10:35PM

    Im deadly fascination... Im 20 years young and im a college student. I consider myself a misfit since iv never been popular and i dont go clubbing or partying, i dont drink, and drugs aren't my thing.iv had many ups and downs in my sad pathetic life but recently this one down has taken over my  life....Iv never been comfortable with my body... its just sickens me no matter how hard i try to loss weight it never works... iv gotten to the point where food just grosses me out.. i think of the carbs and the calories which just makes me sick to my stomach. Iv become bulimic because of this and every time i eat, i purge when i know i wont be caught. My self esteem has never been this low but latel… [more]


  • old ways

    Posted on: October 18th, 2011 at 9:58PM

    im losing control and its taking over.... im going back to my old ways and letting this addiction take control of me.... i try to control this addiction but i cant. just adding another to my list -.- something that i fear every time this happens.... being a sex addict sucks >.<  … [more]