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Warning: I've Been Told This Is Creepy/true Love Story He wasn't a man. He was an idol. How could one fall in love with him? How could she fall in love with him? Was it really love? It was naïve to think a man - a man - could also think of this woman... [more]
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  • I Am Sick And Tired Of My Life

    Life, What The Hell Am I Living For? Recently i came to the conclusion that life has no purpouse or meaning whatsoever. Also i realized that i hate myself very much. According to karma(however the hell it's spelled)a person … [more]
  • I Sometimes Wish For Death to Come

    Life Is Overrated, Isn'T It? Well, not that i'm planning on killing myself or anything. Don't freak out.Ever get that sensation that if ou suddenly dropped dead in the middle of the street--or wherever--, it would bec… [more]
  • I Am Jashinist

    Just Converting I have discovered Jashin recently as an active part of my life. Whenever i felt alone and misunderstood there was this feeling, that kept telling me to stop giving a damn what everyone else t… [more]
  • I Am A Runaway

    First Day So what does a person who is 'on the road' have to say? Lotsa stuff. This is my first official day as a runaway - though i'm already eighteen and not some teenage drama queen. I had my rea… [more]