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starting my new life i hope

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I Am Here For Anyone Who Needs a Friend

Wish I'm sitting here wishing i could write a good story for once. one that when people read it would understand what i really was saying. i've come to realize that since i;ve been here on ep i've received... [more]
  • I Need to Decide If I'll Stay In My Marriage

    Think Its Already Decided been separated for about a month. ex has a restraining order against me for some b.s.(that aint true) go to court in about 3 weeks. i aint no good at this stuff , hope they have spell check ha, aint l… [more]
  • I Am Genderqueer Or Gender-variant

    Wondering i was wondering with all the stories and confession on this site, they ask for comments, should we really comment on someone problem when we really dont know them? what if we say something wrong and d… [more]
  • I Am American

    Cant Sleep sitting here wasting my night when i should b asleep, well to early now to sleep, got to figure out how you put a story somewhere it might belong until then I'm just spewing wisdom out like crazy, wow… [more]
  • I Am Here For Anyone Who Needs a Friend

    Please Read hello all,got a story 4 you, i found this site couple of weeks ago, didnt have any idea what it was about just knew i was hurt and lonely, i found a freind that night who told me how to get started an… [more]