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It's All So Right. And if you have the time I would appreciate the attention, if you came to watch me burn. Don't worry love, it doesn't hurt. I set myself on fire. Synthetic hope is all I've known. This faded view if... [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    Kjdf. I LOVE when YOU smile, it makes me smile back. I LOVE how YOU laugh, it makes me feel alive. I LOVE your dark blue eyes, hiding secrets filled with PAIN. I love when you held my hand… [more]
  • I Like a Good Quote

    P A T H E T I C you disgust me; i hate to tell the truth, but you're nothing and you never will be, you won't be remembered, and you won't go to another life you're (nonexistent) soul will… [more]
  • I Like a Good Quote

    Open Mind Shattered Heart. Open your eyes, hide yourself forever, have you ever sold yourself? For better or for worse. Do you think that you are strong, oh mindless self worthing *****, seeing is believing bu… [more]
  • I Am Struggling Not To Fall Apart

    I Know I have a feeling this is all going to fall apart. Everything else already is. I want you more than anything I've ever wanted, but I know that something is going to happen, it … [more]