Female , 22-25
I'm learning how to live by a smile.

hopeful girl no matter what,who lives the life with her five sens,love nature,want to live with free soul,cant imagine life without love,,

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I Dont Care What People Think About Me

Whatever,,, Well,,i stop caring what ppl thinking about me ,because no matter what u will do there will always be someone who didnt like what u said or what u did,,caring about whatever ppl think will cause u... [more]
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  • I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

    When I Will Survive ? I still feel like im living the past because im still in this home.I can tell that im survivour because im still alive.My  Dad is a monster.He didnt want  to have kids,but yet im here.He used to bea… [more]
  • I Want To Leave And Never Look Back

    I Want To Leave Right Now. Im living in hell.Its my dad and his devils ( his family ).Im working like a house maid for his family since I was ten years old.Im forcing to dance for them . clean rooms .dishes . clothes and even b… [more]
  • I Was Sexually Abused As a Child

    I Hate My Self. When I was child my uncle raped me . I could not tell my family because no one will belive me . Its forbbiden in my home to talk about sex. My father never been close to me thats why my uncle ran away… [more]
  • I Will Always Have You In My Heart

    My Sun Shine,, yes,, i thought im alone,,i thought i will  end my life so soon so no one will care,,i just want to open my eyes to another world,,i was so lonely,so sad,so angry of my life,,so needy for a friend,,y… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    lost sometimes..
    i hate to get lost ,sometimes i just think about it and feel lost ,in memories,in feelings,or anything,,when i feel im lost,i feel alone and the time just stop ,i feel like im in the ocean or in desertisland,where i just stand there and stare at nothing and think,,i feel hurt,alone,pain,sad,its like a empty circle and i want to get out of it,,im lost when i find something remind me of my family or my past,or remember thing about people who used to hurt me,sometimes when i go to place where something bad happend to me i just stand there and get lost,,i hate that feelings,,when i will go to skip this feelings,i dont know? but i hope to find the way back in every time i get lost...… [more]