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!:oD Barney from Flintstones! I mean Fred from the Flintstones!

I want to share and create peace everywhere but I also want to be happy... I'm tall or medium tall, I have curly blackbrown hair and I'm trying to grow a beard, my goal is to own a palace and create peace all over the world and stop people fucking around with drugs and divorce and bullying and poor people as slaves and servants.

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I Am More Than Just Broken, I'm Damaged

Don't think about whats bad in the world, stop using things and make everything around you better in whatever way possible, not by force just like "I'm upset that my car has no engine... [more]
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    Holy Hats An elderly clerk went to a washing masheen and asked "when did you change the spelling?" "What?" "When" "Yes" "When-" "YES?!" "When did you-" "YES?!!?? YES YO… [more]
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