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    I did some thing my parents told me I could not do with out them knowin I have done it
    Last week I asked my parents if I could go swimming at the local swimming pool fully clothed in my shoes and socks for the fun of it.My parents told me that there was no way that I could do that but when they were not looking I sneeked out to the local swimming pool.Taking a full cange of clothes with me inclueding a spare set of shoes.When I got to the pool and payed in I asked the main pool manager if it was ok for me to go swimming in the pool fully clothed in my shoes and socksfor the fun of it he said yes so Iwhent and got changed and dived into the pool fully clothed in my shoes and all for the fun of it.It was a pubalic swimming season so their was other peoplo and kids swimming in th… [more]