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About Im a random, weird, but all at the same time passionate and loving friend. Im a Freshman in College, and I've made up my mind to become a teacher and an amateur writer for the rest of my life. I love taking risks, and I love meeting new people. I guess the best way to describe is Old-Fashioned. I am a very traditional and Sedimental person. I can also be really emotional, unlike most guys these days (which eventually causes them to get angry) :P.I ♥ Techno music, Im very extroverted (rare for someone with a social disorder), and im not afraid to be brutally honest with anyone and everyone. So if you want to rave with me, or just want to ask my opinion on something feel free-Im always willing to lend an ear. I question myself every day on who I really am-and the answer changes every day. Its never the same, but maybe thats a good thing? I consider myself to be Bi-but I like girls more then guys for a fact. My friends and family mean everything to me, and I'll do everything for them. Among other things. Im single, have been for awhile sadly....but Im hoping to change that. Im also looking forward to making new friends this year ^^. So if you want to get to know, message me and be my guest. If not, then why are you still reading this?!
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Favorite Quote “Our Virtues and our Failings are inseperable, like Force and Mass. When they seperate, man ceases to exist”
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Books The Book Thief, I am the Messenger
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