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I'm Serb in origin ,and i'm proud on that.We're proud nation of warriors,altough we always loose over negotiation's table,because we have lousy leaders.However ,all other Europian nation's are afraid of our anger ,for good reason.

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  • a little Serb
Vices girls,and lazyness
Politics Very Conservative
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Books all from Tolkien,Feist and some others....
Music power metal rock hard rock,etc...
Movies mostly epic fantasy(LoTR and stuff)+sci--fi,and porno films
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I Am a Fanfiction Addict

I just adore fanfiction.Mostly certain type of characters/books/authors about..what can i say...slave of habit... [more]
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  • I Am Serb

    Ja Sam 100% Srbin I Volim To Eto,živim u Srbiji već dobrih 34 godine (gde sam i rođen i odrastao),nisam puno putovao po svetu,a i mrzim putovanja.San mi je da odem u Švesku da radim,pad da se malo smucam po &Scaron… [more]
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  • I Want To Abandon Society And Live In A Hunter-gatherer Tribe

    Well,just My Sherr Of Taught's........ Well i only wish to live as our ancestor's did in prehistoric time,without stupid tv,too much tech or anything.I'm pretty sure that one can survive with less"less is enough",by me.People today are jus… [more]