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What a world! *as getting flushed downed the toilet*

My name is Ben. I'm a a 19 year old male. I can be mood and silly at times. I got a really dark dark sense of humor. I can be social some days and other days i am antisocial. Please don't be offended if i i don't talk a lot. It really all depends on my mood for the day. I am no longer in college, I dropped out because I could not handle the stress. When i first came here i used to be so passionate with helping people here, now its like well i am focusing on myself more, i cant handle so much stress, i will help friends of mine. I been through a lot in my childhood which left me depressed and with suicidal thoughts. I try to be make people laugh the best i can but sometimes its hard. I can be depressing at times but fun also.

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