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I Have a Confession

a little worthless life of minehas become just a sorrow winewith just one wish do i live...just a little DEATHWISH... [more]
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  • the joker... the beast

    Posted on: April 25th, 2012 at 8:23PM

    I run down the street with a painted smile... you look at me with hope I will not let you sit alone in the dark face the "beast" I will keep looking for the door to find you a way take you back to the place you were before the place where you chased rainbows, bunnies, puppies the place where "you" were "you"... only I can take you there for I acquainted crime all the drugs i did all the filthy lies for I have been to "hell" now I can see through your "mask" I can see through your "wall" I will not let you be the "beast" that "I" am… [more]


  • let us dream

    Posted on: April 25th, 2012 at 8:24PM

    Let us dream Of a fountain spraying moonlight Of a swing hung in the stars Of a cottage high in the mountains With a wall of shadows Doors of flowers   Let us dream Of a day When our hearts be moved By a love that is infinite and universal And knows no surfeit   Let us dream Of a girl Whose innocent eyes Will slit our soul open like a razor   Let us dream Of finding ourselves Accepting who we are…   At last Let us dream For lasting harmony Where murdering dreams Is too often a way of life… … [more]


  • One Man...

    Posted on: July 14th, 2012 at 3:54AM

      What can't one man do..???   one man  can reach the sky dive in the deepest caves   one man can bring a smile on a child's face   one man can bet on a million's life   one man can make humanity cry   one man  can ****** the innocence of a girl's life...   but it is also true all of us "a million" together can not change the way one man thinks... can not return "the" lost innocence... "we" can not  destroy the conservative thinking then why we call ourselves "THE MAN"... … [more]