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I Have a Confession

I was successful in my challenge to myself to not use any ice for 24 hours. At 7 AM Wednesday morning I used the last of what I had. Thursday morning quickly came and I decided to try even longer... [more]
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  • I Have a Confession

    I smoked, snorted and ingested meth before I ever touched a needle. Then about a month ago, someone injected it into my veins. That instant, everything changed. My occasional drug use became an every … [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    We'll start with the good news, cuz after you hear the bad nothing will seem good. I am 4 hours and 40 minutes away from my goal of not using any ice for 24 hours! And don't plan on anything throughou… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    Saw you last night for the first time in so long.Went home after work to our old house, welcomed by you and our daughter. I still do miss that. I miss your face, your goofiness, and your laugh. I miss… [more]