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i am going to delete everything here. I will write my own site, my own design. Pm me if you want link.

B**** please, I am fabulous.
I came to EP because i was hurt, and needed to vent Sometimes I am hurt, very hurt as i love and trust with my complete heart and soul - hence when the other side lies, it HURTS. But life is another b**** and is too fast. It does not even let me to properly mourn over the loss, it pulls me forwards. So, i get over it.
I am a geologist, and a mathematician. When I am drunk, I am a mathematician, otherwise a geologist.

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Favorite Quote Ich will die Menschen den Sinn ihres Seins lehren: welcher ist der ├ťbermensch, der Blitz aus der dunklen Wolke Mensch.
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