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I Have Painful Periods

My Back And Tummy Feel So Sore During My Menstruations I hate the pain and headache from period everymonth  [more]
diancantik has shared 37 Mature Experiences
  • I Used to Be a Prostitute

    I Had To when I was student and didnt have enought money to pay for my school fees… [more]
  • I Am a Femme Lesbian

    I Consider Myself feminine. but I also dominant, is it contradiction???I love to be feminine and I crush on other feminine women.But if I like to play dominant role in sex does it mean I am tomboy or butch?… [more]
  • I Followed Her To Her Bedroom To Please Her

    I Did even I litle girl and not yet adoptve mother was so good to me and loving mom to me but so very intimate in our bedroom… [more]
  • I Want a Lesbian Girlfriend

    I Am Promiscuous Sometimes even I have girlfriend I still try to attract other women to be my girlfriend.My current girlfriend is not faithfull to me but she go after men and even selling herself to men to get money.… [more]