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I'm a mother of 4 and married to a wonderful guy. We like to have fun and share our desires.

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I Think A Man Deserves A Blow Job Every Day

An Answer To My Question I want to start off thanking all of you that read and commented on my story " A Question" about how I happen to peek in on my boss one Friday night and watched him ********** to things on his computer... [more]
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    Letting The Children Nurse I have three children and breast fed them all and yes that includes my husband too. My oldest is 6 and he stills like being breast fed, have thought I should wean him but he sees his sisters nursing … [more]
  • I Love T-girls

    Interested I had to use my sons computer this weekend since mine decided to take several days of rest. Nothing a hammer wouldn't cure. But that is another story. This one is about my son or at least what I f… [more]
  • I Like Being Naked

    This Morning There is just a chill in the air this morning so got up and put on my sweat shirt and sweat pants and got hubby and the kids breakfast. Heat on so was warming the house nicely. Made lunches kissed a… [more]
  • I Think A Man Deserves A Blow Job Every Day

    A Question? Last week I was saying late at the office filing in the back room. My boss thought every one had left and when I came out he had shut off all the light. Not a problem I could still see and I knew th… [more]