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Not here to socialize..Im here to vent and let off steam dont take any thing i say serious they are the rants of a mad man...and believe me its not about you...Its all about me..Im not writing any thing for you to read I dont care if you read it..dont care if you like it...( Just remember that since im not writing it for you i dont care if you get it...So what you think your reading Is not what I was writing) Its all out of context

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Favorite Quote Love is One soul trapped in 2 bodies for ever trying to be untied
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I Am A **** And Proud

Sorry I see no shame in having a perfectly performing sex drive... [more]
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    Gomer Pyle Is With His Girlfriend Gomer Pyle is with his girlfriend Bunny and he says, "Bunny, can I put my finger in your belly button?"She answers, "Why Gomer, how forward, but I guess so."A few minutes pass and Bunny says in a surp… [more]
  • I Sex Is Not About Geometry

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    One Last Hole Before You Go this is a repost.. We have spent the whole weekend together, Most of it in my bed screwing like bunnies We have done every thing we could think to do, almost every thing that… [more]
  • I Love Joke Time

    The New Bull By Jerry Clower this is one of my favourite jerry clower jokes Three bulls are standing around overlooking a field full of cows when they overhear the farmer tell one of the cowhands to get the trailer r… [more]