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Wellllll I'm a nice girl. You'd enjoy having me around. My natal chart says I'm a complicated person - doesn't make it bad! There's just many sides to discover... lol hehe. I have a wonderful sense of humour, and I'm very loving. I am warm-hearted, sensible. I love mermaids. I breathe air. I believe I'm quite original... My interests are in reading, writing, languages, ancient history, anything creative, movies (cool, nice ones) and other things. I like depth and common sense in a person. Groundedness sensibleness wins me over.

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I Moo At Cows

*sees A Cow* Moo!... "weirdo" ..*angrily* "moo!" It's rather funny what goes down when I see a cow. I find them to be strange animals, they're black and white creatures who choose to stand in a green field day after day out in the open. I just can't... [more]
  • I Love Mermaids

    Fishy - The Wild Mermaid Archetype Mermaids are just beautiful, even if they are mysterious and alluring and misunderstood. I think that just adds to them - they can dive down into the depths of the sea where no man can go, so they und… [more]
  • I Love Cats

    Crevendale? Jog On Kitties... Wow, I love cats, especially kittens. But I've just got to say that Crevendale milk advert where the cats have thumbs?! Gosh I was so freaked out by that! I seriously had such a fear of cats … [more]
  • I Think Loki Is Hotter Than Thor

    Who Doesn't Love A Magic Wielding Trickster God? In the latest Norse God movie, 'Thor', I can attest to say that Thor is not┬ámy type and Loki is WAY hotter than him! Jane can have Thor. But as for Loki... He's intelligent … [more]
  • I Am "precious"

    What Are You? ...precious! My nan and I used to have a favorite thing between us.She's said to me : "What are you?" with a lilt.And I'd answer : "Precious"It was like our bond thing. She said it everytim… [more]