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I Have Lost People I Love From Cancer

I Don'T Remember Crying Watching someone die in front of me was honestly, something I never thought I'd witness in my life. I remember waking up early morning and being told that we need to go to the hospital immediately. I... [more]
  • Family Confessions

    People die all the time, right? You're expected to just get over it. No one talks to you about it. No one mentions anything- it's just considered too awkward. December 29th, 3 years ago my father took his last breath. Murdered by cancer. Lung cancer to be precise. What was weird is he had never smoked, or had an unhealthy habits that could possibly trigger cancer. He always looked after himself so well. But, hey! If it's bound to happen- it's happen, right? Anyway. That's supposed to be in the past. BUT the thing is. Here goes nothing... I'm still utterly broken on the inside. I ACT very tough because I don't like receiving someone's pity or overdone sympathy but It's like his death hasn't e… [more]