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I'm not dead, just very busy with a baby...

Well, I try to be playful and sensitive, but must admit I am a bit of an attention whore...

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Vices Quite honestly, I am damaged goods, so probably too many.
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I Am Pregnant

So, I just realized I haven't written any updates for a while on the status of my pregnancy. It seems to be going fairly normal. I guess. This is my first, so not sure what is normal, but... [more]
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    Third Checkup My clothes are shrinking...bleh. Maybe not, but it seems I cannot fit in any of my pants now. The nausea fortunately is getting better. Now instead of all day sickness, it is only night sicknes… [more]
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    I Am Pregnant It is so odd. Everyone who knows me knows the risk I have taken, and the fact that I have been on birth control for the last 6 years, and yet, I have never gotten pregnant. Maybe it is fate, maybe the… [more]
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    Guess I am no longer pregnant. Just letting everyone know. Now do I need to leave the I am pregnant group and find an I am a mom group? … [more]
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    Second Baby Pics And Update So, I went to the doctor last Thursday. He thinks I am at 9 weeks, so I guess this week will be 10. May baby expected.Now, they are starting the whole genetic testing discussions. There ar… [more]