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I Love Bare Boobs On My Chest

Try A Bare-chested Hug... Many moons ago, one of my first girlfriends lifted her shirt up, opened up her bra and then lifted my shirt up to expose my bare chest. She then hugged me and pressed her chest against mine, gently... [more]
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    I just found the 'Hide Anonymous' checkbox!
    Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-wiggle YEAH!=)… [more]
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    Call the cops...
    When I woke up this morning, someone had stolen an HOUR from me!  *I didn't know it was this weekend!*… [more]
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    Don't like "trolls" invading your coversation?
    Um, then perhaps you shouldn't blind-post publicly to EVERYONE here when your message is intended for only one other.  And when others respond, you call them trolls?  Wow...Word to the wise my friend, a troll is one that typically posts ANONYMOUSLY like yourself.  Why don't you two do us all a favor by getting a couple of accounts and message each other privately.  Otherwise, you're going to keep confusing others and keep running into this problem. *even if it's not me*But of course, that would probably make too much sense.  :p    … [more]
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    My female best friend saw me naked
    I've been married for over 10 years and have a female best friend who lives in another state.  We've known each other since high school, she's married as well, knows my wife and we've all gotten together on occasion.  She and I stay in touch by phone every-so-often and text each other on a regular basis.  She's more like a sister to me than anything, but recently, I lost a bet to her and the condition was I'd have to text or email a "goofy" pic of her choosing.  I figured she want me wearing loud sunglasses, or wearing a silly article of clothing, but to my surprise, she said she wanted a shot of me walking out of the shower with wet hair!?  A bet is a bet and I took the shot fresh from the … [more]