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feeling excited and anxious because im gonna puke soon i need the release

Im a hopeless Bulemic and puke lover

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I Wanna Get Revenge On Anyone Who Hurt Me Or My Friends

Revenge Revenge is never a good thing thats whats wrong with the world today. People going around shooting and killing in the name of revenge. Let that feeling go and lets try to make our world a lot better 2... [more]
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  • I Want To Eat Vagina

    Devour Me Please Well Im a willing candidate. I love oral sex so u can eat me all you want. Im also Bi-Sexual so i love eating vagina also… [more]
  • I Want Others To Vomit On Me

    Make My Day I have always had the fantasy of having someone puke all over me, other than myself. I love going in my shower and puking all over myself but want someone else's warm puke on my body. Omg this would m… [more]
  • I Am A Hopeless Bulemic

    The Pukeaholic Ive been bulemic for over thirty years i cant stop puking. I get up in the mornings and i eat so much then I go puke it up, i know its sick but i love the feeling. I eat all day long and puke all day … [more]
  • I Love Playing With My Self

    My Loving Hands Threes nothing better than total self satisfaction. I Love when I'm home alone and I can be totally naked and really enjoy myself without any interruptions. I go to my room and lay on my bed and find … [more]