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Widely misunderstood. Looking for the right one. Loves runescape :P, mac and cheese (good fewwd) random. In Star Fleet. "To boldly go where no man has gone before"

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  • a little Native American
Vices Vice City?
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Books Harry potter, scott pilgrim, bleach, and various xmen comics.
Music Linkin park, green day, evanescence, skillet, and breaking benjamin ;D
Movies Iron man, Iron man 2, back to the future, transformers 1, 2, and 3, tin man (all 3 parts), Die hard 3, spiderman 1, super man returns, and other ones i can't think of :3
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I Like Macaroni And Cheese

Big Mac! Was the best type of mac and cheese everrrrrr. But then they stopped selling it at Wal-mart and I can't find it anywhere else >:C... Otherwise, making those little cups of mac and cheese... [more]
Dman328 has shared 4 Mature Experiences
  • I Fell In Love With Someone I Met Online

    And She Plays Games With My Feelings. Amy. The person I met on runescape. What a nice place, right? At first, it was deffenitely a fling. She didn't care about me and I didn't care for her. But over time, we were drawn closer to eachother… [more]
  • I Am Shocked By Borderline Personality Disorder

    My Friend That Had Borderline Personality Disorder, Lauren.She helped me through the most hardest part of my life. When I was low and weak. When I started to develop my own personality and started becoming myself again we would fight. Tension gre… [more]
  • I Am Losing My Best Friend

    Julie... My bff... I feel like i'm slowly losing you. We IM less and less, we don't play the online games we used to love to play together, we don't do puzzles anymore...I guess it was my fault, I … [more]
  • I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

    The Living Nightmare Hey people of ep!So awhile ago, I met this girl, Alexa, on an online game xD An mmorpg! >:DAlexa would give me the attention I wanted and actually cared... The first person to care. … [more]