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I Have a Confession

i really wish i had a cat to call my own, it would be my own pride and joy and instead of begging for attention from my dog I could be doused with affection from this cat  [more]
dontneedanyoneortwo has shared 3 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Socially Awkward

    Yeah, Ill Admit It. It didnt used to be this way. I had a clique. I had a posse. I was the spotlight of the group. but you know. Thats all over and done with. So now, im attempting being independent. This is definitely a… [more]
  • I Am a Closeted Gay

    Zallright, Zallright. i thin kive been gay for a while, i just didnt know it. Im just..not girly in any way shape or form. and sexual...? no. not really. I mean yeah of course ive had some big thang..hah, t… [more]
  • I Am Starting a New Life

    Unincessant Dear EP, I prefer to live solely on my own terms, not a follower, I never have been. I am original in all my glory. There is nobody in this entire universe who is like me, so i had better stop worryin… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    Oh How Id Love It.. i dont talk to anybody...when i do ask a question i feel really awward, like the spotlight is on me, ive felt so anti social... id ont even think much, i feel like a mindless idiot...alt… [more]