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I'm 16-17 btw

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I Want to Be Loved

I Want To Love And Get The Same In Return So I haven't had even a crush in 6 months. I just want that crush feeling agian and I want love! I what to love and be loved... But no one will love me. I'm a loner and a loser. [more]
  • I Hate My Dad

    I'm Not Your Little Girl Anymore Im not just gonna stand her while you hurt me anymore. I'm not gonna let you minipulate me anymore. I'm not your little girl anymore I see past your lies. You are such a lair! What do you tell your fa… [more]
  • I Have a Vision of How I'd Like to Live

    My Little World During they day I imagine how I want my life to be. I imagine have a boyfriend who actualy cares, a house that is big enough for me to have a party instead of the house we can barley for 3 people in. … [more]
  • I Want to Be Remembered

    I Want To Be Remebered. I don't want people to remember me for who i pretend to be, i want to be remembered as the girl who was always herself. who didn't care what others thought. who didn't have much friends be still stay… [more]