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it sounds cool when I am pressing keys fast on this computer!
feeling amused
About A funny,nice,caring,talented,and hot guy. I am Canadian and single
Last Seen Sep 14, 2013
Member Since Mar 13, 2012
Favorite Quote “Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men. -Douglas Bader”
  • a little American
  • and a little Canadian
  • and a little Swiss-German
  • and a little Russian (Cossack)
  • and a little Japanese
  • and a little Australian
  • and a little British (Jersey)
Politics Very Liberal
Special day 6-6
Books Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mocking Jay, Reach For The Sky
Music What Makes You Beautiful, I'm Glad You Came, Parlyzed, Elevate
Movies Battleship, The Avengers, MIB3
Local Time August 3rd, 3:34 PM
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