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I Am Married But Lonely

Just Not Feeling It Any More No touch, no kiss ,no soothing smile. No love, no passion, it's been awhile. In need of passion in my life, In need of warmth not felt with my wife. Warm breath on her soft neck, traceing... [more]
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    Somethings missing
    My very old and dear friend left this world today and with him he took a peice of my heart. Love you old friend, rest easy.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Good by old friend
    With tears in my eyes I laid an old friend to rest today.He was a great friend, he never held a grudge against, he was always there to offer me friendship even when I thought that I didnt need it.  He would make me laugh and smile when I was sad or angry. He would keep me warm when I was cold, but most of all he cared and would stay very close when I was sick.Good by Samual T. Puttytat, thank you for being my friend.… [more]
  • School Confessions

    12 different schools in a 10 year period
    My parents were devorced and I lived primarily with my mom. She is and was a good mom,she was just in persuite of a carreer. Because of that fact we moved constantly. By the time I had reached the start of my 10th grade year, I had enough and droped out. Now hears the thing! Because of moving so often, I quickly lost intrest in school. I started skipping school in the 5th grade. Out of five days of school,I would be lucky to go three. Soon I started get F's on all my school work,not because I couldn't do the work,but because I didn't care. I would get A's & B's on all of my test, and that is what kept me out of trouble. The school would never call my mom,to find out why I was missing so much… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Greyhound Bus ticket agent is a lucky man!
    I must confess a very big,big.big,big part of me wanted to rip his face of and show it to him. He's lucky I am an adult,with self control. This guy was a rude terible example of a human being. Ok, I'm better now! Thanks!… [more]