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I'm a doctor of physics. Astrophysics to be exact. Where did I go to school? I started by getting an engineering degree from Univ. of Maryland (USAFES) at 20 while serving in the US Army as a helicopter crew chief. I learned astrophysics through an additional 35 years of autodidactic study. I became a doctor of physics because I discovered a major mechanism of G2 stars, like our own, in 1999, that was proven to be correct by NASA's Project SOHO by 2005, when they not only failed to notify me, but refused to give me credit and recommend me for an honorary Ph.D., giving someone else the credit. In 2008 a cicuit court judge, during a lawsuit I brought against a real-estate rip off, used these words:
"I think you are a VERY intelligent man. Yes. I'll call you Doctor." A couple years later a traveling judge also condoned the use of the title, that I appropriately added the "A" preceding the Ph.D. for "Autodidactic," in effort to not deceive anyone. In that, I fall into the category of Webster's 5th definition of the word doctor: An educated man. Sometime in the future, I hope to petition the courts for a hearing in front of a jury of mathematicians and physicists to gain further credence to the title.
I'm a "Save the planet" type of fellow. I have some innovative designs for housing in this cataclysmic century that might save lives and a lot of other grief for mankind. I joined EP through a search for forums for venting about the exasperation caused to intellectuals by those I no longer have any reservations about defining as stupid people. I joined through the "I Hate Stupid People" group.
So here I am! There you are.

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