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I Am In Love With the Night

The Night Is Me Whenever I am out in the night i feel relieved, I just let everything go, all of my worries gone just like that.The night always brings a smile to my face, yet i don't know why. I just love the cool... [more]
  • I Believe In Vampires

    I Want To Become A Vampire i was wondering if there's any way of becoing a vampire with out giving your soul away.Because i love vampires from dracula to the vampire diaries and know all about there history with humans,their po… [more]
  • I Think There Is Something Wrong With Me

    Something Is Going On With Me? Ok this all started a couple of months ago the first thing that started happening to me was that when i would talk to someone i would say the same thing as they would, like 5 times a day.A month or so… [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    A Sad Dream :'( It all started at a river my dad was caching fish he stepped to close to the edge and fell in, never to be seen again. A year past i was coming back home in the middle of the night, i sang a song skip… [more]
  • I Am Wiccan

    What I'm I Seeing? This has started since i was a baby, you know those little dots of colours you used to see in the dark just floating in the air. My friends say that they used to see them to, i remember when i was lit… [more]