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I Wanted To Share A Few Thoughts On Memorial Day

It was a tough week. I think it was Wednesday….less than a week before Memorial Day. I needed a new BBQ grill rack and the only local store selling them was Wally World. My bf... [more]
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    Kesha The Street Prostitute - Scotland Today,  when I was on EP, playing the Q&A, my chat dialogue box opened and I received a message from a complete stranger – who just happened to be a “Street Walker” , her user name: Kesha.the.s… [more]
  • I Have True Pisces Characeristics

    Archangel Sachiel - For Sagittarius And Pisces - Apparently everyone has a 'Date of Birth Archangel'.Date of Birth Archangel:Archangel Sachiel - This Angel is associated with both Angelic and Planetary Correspondences.N… [more]