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Happily married gal with four kids. Used to practice pediatrics, SAHM for the time being. Blogger, cook, gardener, learner, skate mom. Lots of interests, can't resist a great piece of pie.

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I Am A Figure Skating Mom

My Daughter, The Skater My daughter started skating when she was 12 and is now 18: We are so proud of her progression; she's learning camel jumps, starting with a few "easy" triples (though still only has a half axel) and... [more]
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  • I Think You Should Pull Up Your Pants

    My Daughter Dates A Sagger I cannot stand sagging and am pretty vocal about it. My daughter started dating this nice kid about a month ago who sags, but. Very minimally. We'll all be together someplace at the mall and i'll fi… [more]
  • I Love London

    I Have A Daydream I find an amazing 1500 square foot flat in Marylebone for next to nothing. While all but minding my business, I meet the director of Kew Gardens who offers me a job with a great salary where I get to… [more]
  • I Like Smelling Fresh Opened Can Of Coffee

    I Don't Drink Coffee I actually don't like the taste of coffee; it's so bitter and I don't like it with sugar. But the smell of the beans- Ooooooh! The smell makes me wish I liked the taste of coffee.… [more]
  • I Love Walking Through Graveyards and Reading the Headstones

    Peace And Serenity I've always found cemeteries peaceful, not spooky at all. In Columbus, OH we have one that is a listed bird sanctuary; it's a great spot for bird watching. James Thurber is buried there. I guess ba… [more]