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A man of simple pleasures and of simple requests to bring a dark world into the light.

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Favorite Quote Cold Steel Pierces Flesh, A Moment of Clarity, Death is Not the End.
  • a little Irish
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Books Anything that has to do with Philosophy, Spirituality, and Occult
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Movies Back to the Future, Star Wars, Star Trek
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  • Other Confessions

    The damned be thy name.
    I fear no evil nor good, for all humanity and its existence is nothing more than a duality, a constant attempt of proving the right between two sides. But a fatal flaw in human logic is that there is a right and wrong; in which they simply fail to the see whole or to see the middle line of perspectives on both sides. Without one the other cannot be defined and vice versa. When the time for judgement comes it is not an entity of omnipotence that will accept or condemn you... it is simply you and only you who will be the judge and jury. Mind you the self is a far more cruel judge than a god because of our flaws we condemn in ourselves daily and a refusal of acceptance where one eye sees the pr… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I am lost in a world I find to be hell.
    I live my life within simple means. Though I stopped going to college since I realized it will never help me achieve the happiness I desire or prepare me for the world. Only giving me a piece of paper to start my life after dealing with copious amounts of what I find to be Bullshit. I am a writer and a comic artist, all i seek out of life is to create my works and I care not of material or money I I just simply want to be without the constant threats of the haves, shoulds, and musts society thrusts upon people because we are obligated to do everything for the country and state simply by living in the confines of a country ruled by government where they are pompous enough to believe humans ca… [more]