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To Bring Order In Your Corporate, Follow A Mice Most rodents in general and rats, squirrels and mice in particular, always chew or gnaw anything and everything around them. As a result of that, these animals cause great problem to mankind, causing... [more]
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    Scorpion - Small Or Big Is Wise..... A Corporate Message How true is that only the smaller scorpions are more poisonous when compared to the larger ones? Is there any scientific data point to support the above claim? How the poison in a scorpion can go le… [more]
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    Management Message From Our Excretion Many employees do complain that the corporate is doing lot of things, wasting time, resource and effort on many projects and only 1/10 the effort is of some use. The employees further argue that why … [more]
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    It Is All About Resource Allocation.... A Corporate Message From Giraffe Although the neck of a giraffe is very long but interestingly, the long neck is made up of only seven neck bones that is as same as the number of neck bones of human beings. Does this convey any man… [more]
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    Deal The Unpredictable Boss....??? More often than not, the corporate employees find it hard to deal with some ‘cynical’ bosses. Indeed, they are cynical, unpredictable and un-assumable in most instances. It is extremely difficul… [more]