Male , 36-40

Pole married to Tamilian, with 2 children. Homefather, Pantheist, passionate gardener, victim of an aquired brain injury.
"a vesle of life and one of many adventures of God"
Astrologically a Cancerian.

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  • 100% Polish
Vices Greed, covardness, lazyness, vodka
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Cancer
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Books Na Srebrnym Globie
Music many, but basically soulfull
Movies quest for fire
Local Time July 31st, 6:26 AM

I Need To Connect With Others Like Me

Lonly Yes, I am generally misunderstood, or judged to be crazy (justly perhaps), yet I do have the human need for spiritual companionship. So, here I am. [more]
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