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worried sick someone i care about hasn't been heard from in 3 days :(

you wont know someone till you talk to them... so guess what you got to do? :p

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I Have a Confession

my dads run off with another woman, my mums now in pieces after 25 years of marriage and he even said i was a "disgusting" son... but the bit i don't understand is it doesn't bother me the least? [more]
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  • I Have No Friends

    Reason I'v Lost Trust In Pretty Much Everyone any friends i have will eventually betray, backstab, yadda yadda against me anyone i'm in a relationship with (when i can get into one) either cheats or has a hidden motive (one in particular wa… [more]
  • I Am a Twin

    I'm A Non-identical Twin but still a twin none the less, and it REALLY gets to me when everyone assumes twins = has to look the same. i get "you don't look much like her do you?" and i think to my self... "well no way, could … [more]
  • I Suffer From Severe Depression

    Hate To Admit It... But I'm A "sufferer" life just keeps screwing me over and i dont know why, its REALLY getting to me! i just want to crawl up and disappear sometimes but no that wont happen, i mean i try to be "the good guy" i treat peopl… [more]
  • I Talk When I Sleep

    Only When I'm Stressed Tho my sister has pointed it out to me the most when i randomly fall asleep after a long day, she says i normally talk a bunch of random crap but sometimes i'll freak out and seem afraid of something lol… [more]