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I Wait For Someone to Talk to Me First

I Can't Let You People Know Me My Friends Sometimes it is so hard to accept... That I am no longer the person who I used to be. A strong, beloved person whom friends used to depend on, for advices, for mental support and for sharing. How... [more]
  • I Love to Walk

    The Lightning Walker Well, you just say the word 'walking' in front of any of my friends, they will just tell you my name. i'm that much famous for my walking. I'm a very lean fellow, so don't have too much weight to carr… [more]
  • I Feel Alone

    People Who Come And Go Once I got a friend, an educated intelligent girl who was 2 years older to me. we two had similarities in many aspects and it made as very close friends. we used to share our secret problems with each… [more]
  • I Feel So Alone

    It Could Have Happened Far Before Sometimes we feel certain incidents should have happened far before than when they happened in our lives. I have been suffering from bipolar disorder for more than 3 years. Different from other usual … [more]