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  • a little African American
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Books i like many books...
Music i like all kinds, if it sounds good and has meaning
Movies scary movies and movies that make me really think
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I Care About The Environment

I Was Just Watching Carbon Nation and i like how they outlined it: Human civilization requires 16 terawatts a year to function. We all want and need to get these 16 tw from clean, renewable energy sources; however, we... [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    10/11 last night, i had a dream that I was a hermaphrodite....know what that is?its a person with a d**k and a p***y… [more]
  • I Oppose New Age Bullshit

    Berries In Bullshit Most of so-called NEW age is a lot of OLD re-vamped bullshit. here's a mound of it: chakras crystals binaural beats chi tarot cards witchcraft w… [more]
  • I Love Lucid Dreaming

    Once I have only done this once( once!) and for like sixty seconds but ive been trying my hardest to do it was so cooooool!… [more]
  • I Love Ted Talks

    Aquatic Apes Recently, as in today, I was watching a ted talks video where Elaine Morgan supports the aquatic theory, which is a theory that explains why humans are so physically diffrent from our primate relative… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    You Make Me Laugh
    Seriously, we are friends. We get along great, have fun, and i have a suspicion that you really care. I care about you. But you know that I don't take any of your problems seriously? That I give you a sympathetic face and am giggling hystericly in my belly and mind? Um, your problems are not serious enough to be classified as problems honey. Those are annoyances. Don't be so dramatic. Or rather do. I need the laughs I get from you in the middle of the day.… [more]
  • Which one am I? The one who dies, or the one who goes on?

    Posted on: May 8th, 2012 at 4:12PM

    A while ago, I asked the question: do you have a soul or are you a soul? The differance between those two possibilities is this:If you are a soul, then you live on after death, but if you are just a body, then you cease to exist and a soul that remembers you lives on.A bit deppressing if you ask me. To be so close to eternity to miss it. And that someone remembers you isn't much consolation, since you no longer exist to be comforted.Before I asked that question, I read the book Journey of Souls and the book Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton. If his case studies are valid, this means that souls do inhabit bodies and leave them over and over again. It provides comfort for most, but I don't th… [more]