Female , 13-15
wooow i haven't been on here in how long>

uh....why cant i ever answer these damn questions?

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Favorite Quote if you must crawl to live, stand and die
  • a little African American
  • and a little American Indian
  • and a little Irish
Vices hatefull people....stuff cant remember right now
Horoscope Libra
Special day
Books i like many books...
Music i like all kinds, if it sounds good and has meaning
Movies scary movies and movies that make me really think
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I Care About The Environment

I Was Just Watching Carbon Nation and i like how they outlined it: Human civilization requires 16 terawatts a year to function. We all want and need to get these 16 tw from clean, renewable energy sources; however, we... [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    10/11 last night, i had a dream that I was a hermaphrodite....know what that is?its a person with a d**k and a p***y… [more]
  • I Oppose New Age Bullshit

    Berries In Bullshit Most of so-called NEW age is a lot of OLD re-vamped bullshit. here's a mound of it: chakras crystals binaural beats chi tarot cards witchcraft w… [more]
  • I Love Lucid Dreaming

    Once I have only done this once( once!) and for like sixty seconds but ive been trying my hardest to do it was so cooooool!… [more]
  • I Love Ted Talks

    Aquatic Apes Recently, as in today, I was watching a ted talks video where Elaine Morgan supports the aquatic theory, which is a theory that explains why humans are so physically diffrent from our primate relative… [more]