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I 'm In A Relationship

I'm married to a great guy we've had our share of problems but he's a good man the problem is me I feel so lonely even when he's around what's wrong with me ? [more]
  • I Am a Cancer Survivor

    I survived cancer 5 yrs ago and for some reason I'm angry depressed and my memory is in a fog at times I don't know why I feel this way ? I should b grateful I'm alive ! Anyone else feels this way ?… [more]
  • I Am a New Member At Experience Project

    Hi I'm new just a simple girl married kids etc hoping I can share my experiences with others and get and give advice I'm not judge mental great listener crossing my fingers that I'll like this site… [more]
  • I Am a Cancer Survivor

    I had Cancer and still in pain often My employer docks my pay when I leave early and makes me change my appointments do I have any rights In the workplace because of Cancer ?… [more]
  • I Love Books

    The last book I read was ..A long way home it was about a young boy in Africa who was forced to kill people .. I could not put that book down I really enjoyed it but haven't been able to find another … [more]