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I Don't Know Who I Am

This anger, this frustration. I often wonder from which it stems, my disgust with reality or the reality that’s disgusted of me. I’ve worn so many mask that when gaze into the mirror, I can’t... [more]
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    Do You Want Some Good Dubstep Songs? Inbox me if you are interested in some of the good stuff :D … [more]
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    We Have The Technology This is a story poem thing, my poems are a bit "different" so to speak. Anyways hope you enjoy! What if we didn't have a currency and our jobs weren't shipped off seas, what if a boy… [more]
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    Friendless But Don'T Care? So I completely cut off my best friends from child hood and High School within 10minutes. Yet I don't really care, feel sadness, or anything. All throughout my life the people I meet I e… [more]
  • I Relationships

    I Am A Monster With No Purpose So throughout my life I've never been able to hold a steady relationship with my friends, girlfriends, and family. When it comes to friends, I usually hit it off with most people because… [more]