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I Don't Want Anger To Get The Better Of Me

Who Am I? Seriously, have you ever sat there and asked yourself this question? I suppose everyone has some time or another. Do you remember the first days of school? Teachers would always ask about you and they... [more]
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  • I In Memory Of A Lost Loved One

    My Hero. * "Pop" is my great grandfather, keep that in mind while reading this story. * Dear pop, You were one of the greatest influences in my life. As a kid I remember spending more time w… [more]
  • I Live Because Of Someone Important To Me

    I Doubt You'Ll See This But That'S Okay. You've always asked me to do this but I've never taken it seriously. I guess part of me has found it to be do I like about you? 1. How you're always there for me..even when you… [more]
  • I Still In Love With First Love

    My First Love. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, of almost 5 years, and I honestly I don't know how to feel right now. I absolutely love this girl to death but things just weren't working out. The past is a b… [more]
  • I Relationships

    Dear Savanna, I know you don't want me messaging you..and I'm sorry I'm being annoying as ****. I've always heard that you don't give up on someone you love..and boy is that true. … [more]